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Asexual development of Dictyostelium discoideum is known for its simplicity with cell differentiation into only two major cell types, spores and stalk cells. On the other hand, species in Acytostelium form fruiting bodies with acellular stalks. Apparently no cell differentiation takes place in the development of Acytostelium.

Acytostelium Genomic Sequence
Expecting that the genomic information associated to the ability of cell differentiation could be extracted by genome comparison between the species with and without cell differentiation, we performed the whole genome shotgun analysis of A. subglobosum LB1 and obtained 318 contigs providing a total extension of 31.5 Mb.

Acytostelium Gene Model
For precise comparison, it is necessary to construct gene models in A. subglobosum as well as to perform molecular biological studies.
Three sets of gene models, actual transcript sequences (data from cDNA and EST analyses), homology based predictions, and ab initio predictions, were combined to generate 12,722 non-redundant protein coding genes.
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